Mooring Minute – One Design?

One design fleets are never equal they are of a one-design – as no two boats are ever maintained the same, the idea is noble but once you put people in boats they are no longer the same, as every single person is unique, we each have a unique size, weight, reach and aptitude. So while they are similar they are not the same. No too people maintain or care for their boats the same, and it’s in the care which differences from one boat to another take’s hold. No too people take care of their sails the same, nor do sails wear the same from one person the next, as each person has a unique standard of care and a way to get things done.

In one design, there are always super boats, as for some the game never ends, super boats are a product of those many sleepless nights searching for answers to questions few ask. People are always in the pursuit of speed – whether it is from the sails they purchase or the standard of care they take when storing, preparing or maintaining their boat.

Keys for success in any one-design class is proper care – proper tuning- proper weight and weight distribution – and keeping things simple so you can focus forward and execute.

Proper care, how often you wash wax and maintain your boat, the symmetry of your foils, the angle of the exit on the foils.

Proper tuning, what are the sailmaker’s recommendations, if not are there any class timing guides, then find what your go-to numbers should be based on your weight, skills, ability, and style.

Proper weight – every class has a desired weight and crew weight combination -for the race location is it best to be on the hi-end of the weight spectrum or the low end, don’t handicap yourself for being either too heavy or too light.

Finally keep things simple, having things too complicated reduces creativity and the ability to adjust and find your flow.

We all make choices but in the end, our choices make us and who we are and what we are to become – it’s the compounding effect which makes a good thing great or brings good things to those who follow a plan and executes.

So untie the ties which are holding you back and head out and build your legacy, one leg, one race one regatta at a time.

The Mooring Minute!

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